Buttonczech 2019

APRIL 26-28, 2019

Travelling to Buttonczech

Even if you have never been to Prague, you should not worry about getting to Buttonczech - it's actually quite easy! This year's event is hosted in a very short walking distance from the Krakov bus stop.

In case you're not arriving by car but by plane/bus/train and are wondering which to choose between a taxi, an Uber or public transportation, we highly recommend the Honest guide.

Public transportation is easily the least expensive (by far). However, the venue is quite far from the airport station, making the trip a bit over an hour long - with multiple transfers between buses/metro. Therefore the option of taking a taxi or an Uber might be far more comfortable.

When looking for the schedules we highly recommend using either the IDOS web application or Google maps application, which highlights the possible route.

You will also need a public transportation ticket. These can be bought from yellow machines present at major bus/tram stops or in metro. While there are various tickets to buy, you will need the one which costs 32 CZK (approx. 1.3 EUR) - this ticket lets you transfer as much as you want and you get to travel for 90 minutes. In order to buy these tickets you will have to pay in Czech crowns. In case you wanted to exchange the currencies in Prague, you should still make sure to exchange at least a small amount of money as the exchange rates on the airport can be very steep. Don't forget to mark this ticket once you enter the metro or the bus/tram!

Public transportation - from the airport

The bus stops at the airport are named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 - depending on which of the terminals you arrive to. The venue is at the Krakov bus stop.

The easiest way is to take the bus 119 from Terminal 1/2 to Nádraží Veleslavín. Transfer to metro A and ride to the Muzeum metro station, where you take the line C to Kobylisy. At Kobylisy, change to bus 177 or 102 going to Krakov.

Public transportation - from the bus station (Florenc)

Arriving to the venue is much faster and easier in case you are arriving by bus station Florenc. The metro station is right at the bus station, making the trip much easier.

Take the metro C to Kobylisy. At Kobylisy, change to bus 177 or 102 going to Krakov


Taxi and Uber offer the most comfortable option of arriving to the venue, although at a much higher cost than 32 CZK. We recommend using the Uber or Liftago applications. In case you would prefer the taxi service, make sure not to get scammed as the Czech taxi service is unfortunately known world-wide for their practices.

Parking at the venue

In case you are coming by car, it should make you happy to know that there is a parking spot directly next to the venue. Not only that but it's also possible to park your car in the entire neighbourhood.

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